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Facilities / Offerings

All our packages include use of bathrobe, sauna towel, shower towel, slippers, hair dryer, scrub salt, shower gel and shampoo.

Wellness Rust'ik features the following facilities:
Bathrobe, towels, slippers and hairdryer are at your disposal.

  • Panoramic relaxation area overlooking the pool.
  • Eucalyptic Steam Room/Hammam with mosaic benches and atmospheric lighting.
  • Infrared radiators for two people.
  • Spacious shower room with two rain showers, cold shower tub, shower gel and shampoo.
  • Outdoor lounge.
  • Jacuzzi outside (covered terrace).
  • Swimming pool with changing light effect at night.
  • Fully screened private garden with sun beds.
  • South-facing sun terrace.
  • Atmospheric music.
  • Underfloor heating in winter.


Why use this sauna?

A good private sauna session can leave sauna visitors feeling "reborn." Inner tensions give way to feelings of relaxation, peace of mind and well-being. Wellness Rust'ik located in Nossegem offers you a spacious private sauna with a view of the swimming pool.

The standard temperature of the private sauna is 80°. This is ideal for beginners and for sporadic private sauna goers. An ideal private sauna turn lasts 10 to 15 minutes and is successful only after cooling off in the shower. Novice private sauna goers may choose to gradually reduce the temperature in the shower.

How does a private sauna session affect your body and mind?

The body builds an inner resistance.

Purification of residual metabolic residues, toxins and lactic acids.

Hardening against temperature variations.

Delivers a reborn feeling to the mind.

Inner stress gives way to a sense of relaxation and well-being.

The body responds to the play of hot and cold.

Under the influence of heat, a vasodilatation first takes place, because of this the blood pressure will decrease slightly.

The body will correct this by speeding up the heart rate slightly to circulate enough blood.

The pores in the skin open and you start sweating to cool your body via evaporation.

Due to the acceleration of blood flow, the temperature of the skin does not exceed 40°.

The excess heat enters the core of the body through the blood stream.

In addition to perspiration, residual lactic acids and toxins are also extracted from the tissue.

The skin is washed clean, so to speak.

After 10 to 15 minutes of private sauna, your own cooling mechanism is no longer sufficient and you yourself feel that it is time for external cooling with cold water.

This alternating effect of dilation and constriction of blood vessels after a private sauna session gives the body a workout, so to speak.

Regular private sauna visits will harden the body against temperature fluctuations and thus make it less likely to "catch a cold."

Infrared radiators

The beneficial effects of an infrared ray session:

Has a beneficial effect on blood flow.

Provides relaxation of muscle tissues.

Beneficial for sore or tired muscles (scoliosis).

Eliminates the causes of acne through the secretion of excessive sebum.

Cures psoriasis by secreting dead skin cells.

Inner training of your body through the action of your cooling mechanism.

Gives an overall cozy and relaxed feeling.


This radiation is invisible to our eyes and is identical to the radiant heat of the sun.

This directly warms our skin which gives you a comfortable and relaxed feeling.

After about 15 minutes, you begin to sweat and feel for yourself that it is time to stop the session.

After an infrared session, it is recommended to shower with lukewarm to warm water.

Outdoor Jacuzzi

Blessed after a sauna jumping into the Jacuzzi.

Our Jacuzzi for 6 people including 1 lounger and 5 seats is outdoors.


We find it more pleasant to use a hot tub outside than inside because there are no fumes lingering.

This Jacuzzi is equipped with salt electrolysis by ACE and has beautiful LED lighting.

Jacuzzi Spa Wellness Rust'ik

The healing effects of the Jacuzzi/bubble bath at Wellness Rust'ik:

Heat, water-massage and weightlessness are the items of the jacuzzi/bubble bath of Wellness Rust'ik that allow you to dream away for a while and enjoy these wellbeing treatments.

The Jacuzzi/bubble bath at Wellness Rust'ik is heated to 37° to 38°.

Our Jacuzzi/bubble bath also features 40 jets of powerful water jets that ensure a relaxing hydro-massage in the outdoors of our private spa where you can enjoy the stars.

The warm water dilates the blood vessels, activating circulation.

The weightlessness relieves pressure on muscles and joints.

The hydro-massage reduces tension and muscle pain.

Has a positive effect on high blood pressure.

Delivers a complete feeling of relaxation.

Hammam - Steam bath

Why use a Hamam or steam bath?

A steam bath or called a hammam is good for the skin.

It cleanses the skin deep into the pores and is good for the respiratory system and also improves circulation.

How does this steam room work?

Steam is blown into the cabin through a kind of nozzle.

In a steam room, you enter naked.

The steam is usually added from herbal extracts (mint or eucalyptus) these have a beneficial effect on the respiratory tract.

The temperature in a steam bath is between 45 to 55°C.

You spend about 10 to 15 minutes in the cabin , depending on what you are comfortable with.

The steam bath is followed by cooling off with cold water in our walk-in shower to close the pores again.

Here also follows another rest to calm the body.


Wellness Rust'ik has a pre-heated walk-in shower.

Our pre-heated walk-in shower has a large rain shower head where you can enjoy a rain shower with separate cold rain shower.

Included the use shampoo and shower gel.

Sauna visitors who use this regularly love to take a cold shower when they come out of the sauna.

Why is this so healthy?

An ice-cold shower bath stops the sweating:

It sounds logical, if you take a cold shower that sweating stops after a sauna. The pores are then open during the heating up in the sauna and then if you are not cooled down enough you continue to sweat.

Feeling relaxed:

When you come out of the sauna from the heat, you want to cool down. When you then stand under an ice-cold shower this is a bit of a shock, but blissful. You then get a tingling sensation on your body.

Better blood circulation:

Alternating cold and heat promotes blood circulation. In the sauna, your body temperature rises and your body wants to cool down by perspiring. This causes the blood vessels to widen.

A cold shower causes the blood vessels to contract or constrict again this trains your blood vessels.

Better resistance:

As a result of better circulation, you increase your resistance to disease. Your muscles and organs become better circulated and then work much better against an attack of viruses or bacteria.

What are we proposing here?

If you take a cold shower after a sauna, start first with your feet and move up toward the heart. Afterwards your head.

If you want optimal relaxation, you can take a pampering package with a range of essential oils and fragrances.

Large garden and sunbathing area

Garden Wellness Rust'ik

Wellness Rust'Ik has a spacious south-oriented garden where you can unwind for a while, after using the sauna, for example, or the heated outdoor pool.

This garden along with all of the complex is completely enclosed with

a gabion fence filled with lava rock 2.30m high.

You sit completely private without any see-through from outside.

Totally unwind?