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Useful tips and agreements

An experienced sauna guest does not wear bathing suits and uses two towels when visiting the sauna. One for sitting on and one for showering....

An experienced sauna guest sits with their entire body on the towel, including their feet, for hygienic reasons. It is mandatory to shower thoroughly before and after using each sauna cabin, Jacuzzi session and pool.

An experienced sauna guest listens to his own body.

An experienced sauna guest maintains peace and quiet during the sauna visit.

Tranquility, respect and hygiene are values to which we attach great importance.

The wellness center has room for romance, not eroticism.

Opening hours: always by appointment.

The private sauna is completely private for rent. You will only stay in the oak pool house. We only rent privately by appointment in its entirety.

Wearing bathing attire is not mandatory, but permitted and recommended.

Children under 2 years free, from 3 to 11 years 10 € per hour, + 12 years adult rate