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General conditions

Terms and Conditions Wellness Rust'ik for Distance Selling

1.Contact details of Wellness Rust'ik

Wellness Rust'ik

Leuvensteenweg 616

BE - 1930 Nossegem (Zaventem)

Hereinafter referred to as "Wellness Rust'ik."

2.Content and framework of the agreement

  • 1 These terms and conditions apply to any offer of Wellness Rust'ik and any distance contract concluded between the Customer and Wellness Rust'ik. through the website related websites where products and services of Wellness Rust'ik ( can be purchased or by telephone (hereinafter referred to as "distance selling"). This agreement may include the purchase of products and/or reservation of services.
  • 2 These general conditions take precedence over any general purchase conditions of the Customer, the application of which is explicitly excluded.
  • 3 The Customer can take note of the general terms and conditions by clicking on the link on the website or in the reservation and order screens. These general terms and conditions are made available on a durable medium (pdf), which can be saved and/or printed unchanged by the Customer, so that they can be easily consulted afterwards by the Customer. During the purchase process, the Customer is also explicitly asked to acknowledge that he has read the general terms and conditions and accepts them without reservation. He does so by checking the box provided for this purpose.
  • 4 In the case of telephone remote sales, these terms and conditions are sent along as a link in the confirmation email.

3.The prices and the formation of the agreement

  • 1 The purchase process is started as soon as the Customer confirms a reservation and/or places products in the shopping cart of the Web Shop. The agreement starts from the moment the Customer ticks to accept these terms and conditions and definitively confirms his order and/or reservation.
  • 2 The products and services that the Customer may purchase over the Internet are described in sufficient detail, either in the webshop itself or on, to allow the Customer to make a correct assessment of the product or service. If the customer is not sure of the content of the service or product he wishes to purchase over the Internet, it is up to the Customer to obtain further information from Wellness Rust'ik before making the purchase.
  • 3 Prices displayed on the website are placed there with the utmost care. However, possible errors in these prices do not bind Wellness Rust'ik as long as the distance purchase is not concluded. Once the distance selling is concluded, the prices are as they are shown in the order summary. All offers are valid while supplies last.
  • 4 The price of the offer is not necessarily an all-in price. Consumptions or options can be consumed additionally on the spot by the Customer and will then be charged at the usual prices. For example, beverages and food are never included in the price unless otherwise stated. Options included in the offer will always be clearly and limitatively mentioned.
  • 5 Per booking, 50% payment is accepted with RES.

4. Grace period and right of withdrawal

  • 1 The Customer, as a natural person, in the case of a purchase for non-professional use, has the right to notify the company that he renounces the purchase, without payment of a penalty and without giving a reason, within fourteen calendar days from the day following the delivery of the goods or the conclusion of the service agreement. The Customer shall only have to bear the direct costs of returning the goods.
  • 2 In the following cases, the Customer does not have the right to abandon the purchase:
  • Services whose performance has begun with the customer's consent before the end of the cooling-off period.
  • Goods manufactured to the consumer's specifications or of a personal nature.
  • Goods that by their nature cannot be returned.

Specifically, when making a distance purchase from Wellness Rust'ik, the Customer does not have the right to abandon the purchase in the following cases:

  • The Customer makes the reservation or places the order in capacity as a Merchant or for professional use.
  • The Customer buys a gift certificate and it has already been used by the time the Customer wishes to claim his right of withdrawal
  • The Customer has ordered a gift voucher indicating that it should be delivered to his/her home. The creation cost cannot be revoked as these vouchers are personalized.
  • The Customer orders/reserves a service less than fourteen calendar days in advance.
  • 3 If the Customer wishes to exercise his right of withdrawal, he must send his request within the withdrawal period, in writing to Wellness Rust'ik, Leuvensesteenweg 616 1930 Nossegem or via

5.Advance and cancellation rules

  • 1 At the conclusion of the remote sale, a deposit or credit card information that legitimately belongs to the Customer is requested as a guarantee by default. Cancellation rules apply to this.
  • 2 If an advance payment is requested, a final payment date, which may depend on the time of ordering, will be communicated to the Customer.
  • 3 If the deposit is not received within this predetermined period or the credit card details provided prove to be invalid, Wellness Rust'ik has the right to unilaterally terminate the contract without further notice.
  • 4 In case the Customer chooses to pay directly online, Wellness Rust'ik has the right to unilaterally cancel this agreement provided the payment is not successfully completed within 60min after confirming the purchase.
  • 5 A payment of the deposit or handing over of the credit card details, in the case of a remote telephone sale, is an irrevocable acceptance of these terms and conditions by the Customer.
  • 6 In case of a reservation, the deposit or guarantee given is always the full sauna amount, unless explicitly stated otherwise.
  • 7 In case the Customer cancels his order, the following cancellation rules are applied for any recovery of the deposit:
  • If the customer cancels more than 2 calendar days prior to the delivery of the goods or services, the entire deposit will be placed in credit.
  • If the Customer cancels less than 2 calendar days before the delivery of the goods or services, the entire deposit will be deducted. If the credit card details have been given as a guarantee, the correct amount will be collected by crediting it against these details. If this proves impossible for certain reasons (wrong data, insufficient balance), the corresponding amount will be invoiced directly to the Customer.
  • 8 The cancellation rules are always applied. Under no circumstances can the Customer invoke force majeure (including accident, bad weather, illness, death, impediment, etc.).
  • 9 A cancellation is valid only when confirmed by Wellness Rust'ik by email.
  • 10 Failure to show up late for a made reservation (no-show) is always considered a late cancellation and irrevocably entitles Wellness Rust'ik to deduct the full deposit of the reservation through the communicated credit card or through billing, in case no deposit has been paid yet.
  • 11 If the deposit is due back to the Customer, it will be placed in a credit account for the Customer. On a subsequent order, this credit will then be used. The Customer always has the right to request the effective return of this credit. Interest is never payable on advances and credits.

6.Confirmations and reminders

  • 1 When placing a reservation, the Customer will always receive a confirmation by email in case a valid email address is provided.
  • 2 The Customer cannot opt not to receive payment reminders if the deposit is not paid immediately online.
  • 3 The effective delivery of confirmations and/or reminders by email can never 100% be guaranteed due to technological reasons. Failure to receive a confirmation or reminder can therefore never be invoked as grounds for termination of the contract. If the Client has not received a certain confirmation or reminder, he can always contact Wellness Rust'ik with the request to send it again.

7.Using the units

  • 1 All information regarding our complex can be found by the Client on our website.
  • 2 The Client rents the space in privacy, parking is provided on the street where there are a number of parking spaces.
  • 3 Upon arrival, the Client is given a tour with all information about the use of the facilities.
  • 4 The reserved end time will always be maintained, even if the Client arrives later, so that the following clients can enter the room on time after cleaning. Overtime will be charged extra at 15€/per quarter hour started, starting from 5 minutes of overtime.
  • 5 For hygienic reasons, it is mandatory to put a towel in the saunas and relaxation areas
  • 6 Preferably, we ask the Customer to use the private units naked. Water quality is disturbed by the use of textiles. Wearing textiles contributes to the risk of infection.
  • 7 It is forbidden to add your own products and consume food or drinks in the massage pools, saunas or swimming pool. If you do not respect these rules and as a result the water or filters have to be replaced, these costs will be charged to the Customer.
  • 8 Bringing your own drinks and food is prohibited at all times.
  • 9 For hygienic reasons, it is mandatory to shower and wash with soap before using sauna facilities.
  • 10 Customers are bound not to bring prohibited substances into the complex.
  • 11 If damage is caused to the complex or things are stolen, the costs of repair, cleaning or replacement will be charged in full to the Customer. If theft is detected, the police will be called immediately.
  • 12 Walking or running is strictly prohibited in the entire complex.
  • 13 Wellness Rust'ik reserves the right to refuse or evict people from the complex at any time.
  • 14 The Client fully agrees that he is solely responsible for the proper use of the installations and products provided by Wellness Rust'ik. In no event shall the Client hold Wellness Rust'ik liable for any accident, physical or material damage or any other claim.
  • 15 It is strictly forbidden to smoke in the private units. Ashtrays are provided in the outdoor areas. These are the property of Wellness Rust'ik.
  • 16 If the television remote control is lost, the Customer will be charged a loss cost of 100€.
  • 17 All products and materials provided in the private unit are the property of Wellness Rust'ik.

8.Applicable law and liability

  • 1 Only Belgian law applies to this agreement.
  • 2 In the event of disputes arising, the courts of Brussels shall have exclusive jurisdiction.
  • 3 The Customer who makes the reservation or places the order will be held liable by Wellness Rust'ik.