Rest'ik is temporarily closed

Important info

Your reservation is valid only after payment of a deposit of 50 € or 100 depending on the package chosen. You can come by or transfer the amount to our account stating your name and reservation date.

Advances received will not be refunded under any circumstances. After reservation, you will receive a confirmation email with reservation number.

If you wish to make a reservation with us, we always need your full name, e-mail address and telephone number. 

These are kept strictly confidential and never used for other purposes.

Account number:

IBAN: BE19 6528 4484 3612


Anonymous reservations can be made on site by paying a deposit.

If you wish to make a reservation with us using a gift certificate, you can only do so by phone and by mentioning the number. You may not make an online reservation if you have a gift certificate !

You can use a maximum of 1 gift certificate per session. Expired gift certificates will no longer be accepted.

Minimum reservation time is 2 hours.

If the deposit is not received 5 days before the booking date, we have the right to cancel the reservation and reopen the hours.

For last minute reservations, you will be asked to confirm your attendance by SMS.

A last minute can also be a set session for the near future! Check them out! You can always call us for more info about the hours of the last minutes!